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We regret to inform customers that we are currently experiencing problems with our web server. At present, online purchases are not functioning. Please call us on 01775 711 977 and we will be happy to help in person. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

We offer a wide range of vision aids for people affected by low vision. Browse our website and find the perfect vision aid to help you to continue to maintain your independence and continue to read. If there's something you require but can't find on our website give us a call on 01775 711 977

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New Arrivals

Below is a list of new low vision aids that have been added to our range (navigate through the website to find out about all the products that we have available):

  • NEW - Mano Touch 4

    Sku: REI002

    The Mano Touch 4 is sleek, stylish and simple to use - but most of all, it puts discreet magnification right in the palm of your hand.

    £545.00 (£654.00 inc. VAT) + Free UK Delivery

    NEW - Mano Touch 4
  • ReadEasy Move 2

    Sku: VAI051

    A standalone reading machine designed for blind and low vision users.

    From £1595.00 (£1914.00 inc. VAT) + Free UK Delivery

    ReadEasy Move 2
  • i-See ED

    Sku: REH003

    High definition desktop CCTV magnifier for low vision

    From £1195.00 (£1434.00 inc. VAT) + Free UK Delivery

    i-See ED
  • UPDATED - HandyReader HD

    Sku: VAI052

    A low cost handheld video magnifier for visually impaired users. Lightweight and easy to use, it is the ideal companion to use at home and while out and about.

    £149.00 (£178.80 inc. VAT) + Free UK Delivery

    UPDATED - HandyReader HD
  • Looky 4

    Sku: REH004

    The Looky 4 is a small portable electronic magnifier which you can use to magnify and enhance text and objects. The Looky 4 features a high definition auto-focus camera, a unique, ergonomic, foldable handle and a responsive touch screen.

    £395.00 (£474.00 inc. VAT) + Free UK Delivery

    Looky 4
  • Amigo HD

    Sku: ENV045

    One of a kind 7" video magnifier for use on the go! It is light and simple to use.

    £725.00 (£870.00 inc. VAT) + Free UK Delivery

    Amigo HD
  • Prodigi Duo

    Sku: HUM020

    The unique Personal Vision Assistant that incorporates both a table-top magnifier and a hand-held magnifier in one easy-to-use package

    From £2495.00 (£2994.00 inc. VAT) + Free UK Delivery

    Prodigi Duo
  • Topaz PHD

    Sku: FRS059

    The Topaz PHD offers the comfort and productivity features of a desktop video magnifier but folds away like a laptop

    From £1749.00 (£2098.80 inc. VAT) + Free UK Delivery

    Topaz PHD
  • PlexTalk Pocket

    Sku: PLX001

    Read books and review recorded lectures when you want, where you want.

    £285.00 (£342.00 inc. VAT) + Free UK Delivery

    PlexTalk Pocket