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Accessories for your low vision products, such as handles, stands, protective cases, batteries ect.

Readit keypad

Readit/Lex Keypad

Enables control of the Readit & Lex software even if the application is minimised or out of focus. Advanced background capturing and reading tasks...
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ClearReader feature pack keypad

ClearReader+ Feature Pack

With the small SD memory card installed to your Optelec ClearReader+ and the navigation control panel connected, you have the freedom to scan and save...
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ZoomText Magnifier & Magnifier / Reader USB on a keyring

ZoomText USB Add on

A ZoomText USB License is designed for one individual, but someone who wants to be able to use ZoomText on any number of machines.  With the USB licen...
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OrCam ChargeMe for using your Orcam on the go

OrCam ChargeMe

Highspeed charger designed for use with the OrCam MyEye Pro, OrCam MyEye Smart, OrCam MyReader and OrCam MyEye.Highspeed charger designed for OrCam My...
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OrCam Earphones, listening to your OrCam when on the go!

OrCam Bluetooth Earphones

Complete privacy when using your OrCam device, designed for use with OrCam MyEye Pro, OrCam MyEye Smart, OrCam Read Smart, OrCam MyEye, OrCam MyReader...
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Clover 7S shown in its stand

Clover 7S HD Stand

The Clover 7S HD stand securely holds the Clover 7S HD above what you are viewing. This allows you to freely move documents around and write underneat...
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OrCam Power Bank

OrCam Power Bank

A compact, lightweight power bank which lets you charge all OrCam devices up to 4 times. You're able to continue using your OrCam device while it's ch...
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Clover 10 stand, great for moving documents around or writing under

Clover 10 Stand

The Clover 10 stand securely holds the Clover 10 above what you are viewing. This allows you to freely move documents around and write underneath it. ...
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Handle for clover 4 and 5

Clover 4 and 5 Handle

A unique enhancement for both the Clover 4 and Clover 5. Easily attach and remove as needed, this foldable, easy to hold and light weight handle is a ...
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Clover Book Pro with optional Second screen fitted

Clover MultiView Screen

New!Additional slot-in second screen for Clover Book Pro MultiView feature allows for unique simultaneous full screen distance & closeup viewing o...
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Snow 7 HD Plus in its Easearm

Snow 7 HD Plus Easearm

For use with Snow 7 HD Plus and Snow 7 HD Plus Advanced. Easearm is a swivel arm tailored for a stable, tremble free image. It also allows for   comfo...
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Aumed x y table

Aumed X / Y Table

The Aumed X/Y reading table provides a smooth running surface on which A4 sized documents and books can be placed. This allows the user to then effort...
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elderly lady using Compact 6 HD Speech Dock to read a magazine

Compact 6 HD Speech Dock

Optelec introduces yet another accessory for the Compact 6 HD Speech video magnifier: the Compact 6 HD Speech Dock. With this multi-purpose docking st...
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Compact 6 HD Wear

The Compact 6 HD Wear can be used with the Compact 6 HD and the Compact 6 HD Speech, sold separately.Enjoy the latest wearable accessory by Optelec: t...
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Enhanced Vision XY Table

Enhanced Vision XY Table

XY is available to make your reading experience comfortable. Simply place your reading materials on the XY table and glide the table from side to side...
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IBIS Mobility Pack

The IBIS mobility pack contains all you need to make your IBIS truly portable!The mobility pack includes:A backpack for easy transportation of the IBI...
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Jordy Docking Stand

Turn your pair of Jordy low vision glasses into a fully functional CCTV with our Jordy Docking Stand. Simply place the Jordy into the docking stand, p...
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Mezzo carry case

Mezzo Carry Case

Carrying case suitable for the mezzo Focus 16", mezzo Focus 20", mezzo Vario 16" and the mezzo Vario 20". Not suitable for 24" models.
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Image of a battery

Reveal 16 & 16i Battery

Additional battery for Reveal 16, Reveal 16 with xy table, Reveal 16i and Reveal 16i with xy table allows approximately 6 hours use perfect for when t...
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Synapptic portable stand holding a synapptic tablet, on the screen of the tablet there is an image

Synapptic Portable Stand

A handy foldable and portable stand, which can be used to support both smartphones and tablets.Offers stability if magnifying an object or reading som...
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Visolux Digital XL Base

Visolux Digital XL Base

The Visolux Digital XL FHD Base is and optional accessory for the Visolux Digital XL FHD Magnifier that increases the distance away from the image are...
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