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IrisVision Inspire Launches in the UK

The IrisVision Inspire is the newest wearable magnifier in the IrisVision range

The Inspire offers a new sleek design. The mobile phone is no longer incorporated into the headset but instead is tethered to the headset, this, in turn, allows the headset to be smaller and lighter to wear. 

In addition, the Inspire comes with a removable eye guard. This gives users the choice to have their vision fully emerged into the headset, blocking any external factors and lighting around the peripheral edge of the headset, or to have use of their peripheral vision which can be advantageous for users wanting to walk around while using the Inspire.

A dedicated controller allows to you adjust your magnification, colour contrast, viewing mode etc. There are headset controls or, you can use your voice to adjust these settings. The Samsung mobile phone provided comes complete with a lanyard style case or can easily be placed into a pocket.

For more information, please follow the Inspire link or call us on 01775 711 977.