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OrCam Learn DSA

Hey everyone! Emma here again from VisionAid HQ!

So I thought that It would be a good idea today to talk about the wonderful OrCam devices, if you have yet to hear about them you are missing out!

These fantastic, revolutionary text-to-speech devices are AMAZING! They capture printed and digital text and read it back to you, they are unbelievably easy to use and make reading accessible for everyone regardless of their individual reading or learning challenges!

We supply multiple OrCam devices that each have their own unique features, I'll be posting about them over the next few blogs to introduce you to these wonderful life-changing devices. Hopefully, you can help me to spread the word about how fantastic they are!! 

VisionAid are OrCam's longest-standing approved supplier (go us!) and as such we have been selected to launch their newest OrCam device the OrCam Learn DSA.

I have been lucky enough to test drive the OrCam Learn DSA today and it's fabulous! I've been bobbing about the office reading our signage, I've used it to read some information from my screen and I even decided to take it on lunch with me to see how it would cope reading the information on my butter before putting a generous amount of it into my nice crispy jacket potato! I can happily say it worked like a dream and read flawlessly!

It's really easy to use! You just point it towards the information you want to read, hold the round button, and a laser box will appear once you release the button anything within this box will be read to you. I'm now listening to an article by Suzy Talyor (more about that to come) being read to me! By double-clicking the same round button, I can pause the OrCam Learn DSA. To resume where I left off I just double-click once more! The reading pace and word spacing can be altered and all you have to do is say Hey OrCam, provide a command for example, 'read slower' and hey presto the OrCam Learn DSA has slowed its reading speed!

By pressing both the volume up and down simultaneously you can change the capture style (or if you prefer there's a vocal command for this too!). This changes the laser from a box, reading whole chunks of information to an arrow that can now read individual words. Cue me now picking out random words on our website to test its accuracy and it did not disappoint!!

I believe for students who find reading a challenge they will be empowered by the OrCam Learn DSA, I also believe it will have a positive impact on their studies in comparison to some of the older solutions available! It's not just me though, the OrCam Learn DSA has recently been featured in Education Technology!

Open University student Suzy Taylor (who I mentioned previously) shares her experience of the OrCam Learn DSA and the Disability Student Allowance (DSA) application process.

"There is one piece of technology that is a true stand out – the OrCam Learn DSA, a fully DSA approved handheld digital reader developed specifically for those with reading and writing challenges – that captures entire pages of text and reads it aloud from any surface or screen."

To read the full article about Suzy and her experience please follow the below link:

Understanding the student journey to DSA funding - Education Technology

The OrCam Learn DSA has been developed specifically for students in further and higher education if you know someone who may benefit from this amazing technology please do let them know!!

If you are a student yourself or know someone who is please follow this link to the website to find out more about the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) funding process.

If you would like to see the OrCam Learn DSA in action, it can be demonstrated remotely by ourselves, please do get in touch with me I'd be delighted to arrange a demonstration for you! You can use the link below just don't forget to let me know that you want to try the OrCam Learn DSA!

Book a Demonstration

Some DSA assessors will also be able to offer remote demonstrations, so speak to your assessor today to find out if this could be the solution to meet your educational needs!

I hope you all have an enjoyable evening, I'm off to stretch my legs and run around a field for a bit, run into some bags and attempt to catch a ball.... rugby training! 

Speak soon!!