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OrCam MyEye & Read Smart Software Update - Released 2nd February 2023

OrCam MyEye

OrCam MyEye’s new software version 9.15 includes updates and improvements to:

  • Money notes - Enhanced performance for recognising money notes, with an expanded database to include previously unsupported notes.
  • Barcodes - Refreshed list of recognizable barcodes from the database.

OrCam Read Smart

OrCam Read Smart's new software version 9.15 includes new abilities that improve the user experience and provide new ways to activate and set the device:

  • 360-degree rotation - In both rectangle and arrow capture modes text no longer has to be positioned the correct way up, users can now hold the camera at 90 degrees or rotate the page. Text down to 5pt can now be captured accurately regardless of how the OrCam is held.
  • Enhanced Rectangle Accuracy - Significant improvements to the capture area when in rectangle mode. The device now only reads text within the capture area not also capturing text 2 to 3 lines above and below this as it has done previously.

Full release notes can be found here.