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OrCam Read/Read Smart & MyEye Software Update - Released 9th August 2021

OrCam MyEye’s new software version 9.10 includes new abilities that improve the MyEye’s user experience and provide new ways to activate and set the device

1. New Features:

a. “Hey OrCam”: Hey OrCam is a new way to activate vocal commands. In addition to the traditional double tap of the touch bar, users will now be able to simply say “Hey OrCam”, followed by the desired vocal command. For example “Hey OrCam, tell the battery status” - See video

The command can be said as one sentence and there is no need to pause between the “Hey OrCam” Wake words and the actual command. However if the user says “Hey OrCam” without following with a command the device will double beep after 2-3 seconds to signal that it is waiting for a command, once 5 more seconds transpire the device cancelation beep will be heard to signal that the device is no longer listening.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After upgrading the software version to 9.10 via WiFi, “Hey OrCam” will be disabled by default. To activate, enter “settings menu” > “general setting” > “Configure vocal commands”> “Set vocal commands to Full” 

b. Table Reading: Version 9.10 includes a new ability to identify and read tables. Once the device identifies that the text layout is a table it will read it row by row, this will help users to understand documents that include table or table-like formats such as receipts and restaurant menus.

2. New vocal commands: 

Version 9.10 includes 3 new vocal commands for learning. These commands provide an alternative way to start a specific learning session instead of the traditional long press on the touch bar.

a. “Start Face learning” - This command will activate face learning

b. “Start product learning” - This command will activate product learning

c. “Start barcode learning” - This command will activate barcode learning

3. Faster power on:

Powering on duration of the device is now almost 25% faster than previous version.

4. Phone number updates:

a. Additional phone number formats supported in Smart Reading: Version 9.10 includes support for 5 new countries: Austria, Switzerland, Columbia, Argentina and Mexico. Austria and Switzerland are supported in the WE region; Columbia, Argentina and Mexico are supported in the AM region.

b. Phone numbers are now supported by region: This means that phone numbers in Smart Reading will no longer be affected by the “Country” settings. Each region will support the phone numbers formats of all the countries that are included in the region.

5. Support for WiFi networks with no password:

Following recent inquiries from Sales managers and partners and a re-evaluation of the risks involved we added support for WiFi networks with no password in version 9.10. This means that devices with version 9.10 and above will have the ability to connect to WiFi networks even if there is no password.

Full details can be found here