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Readit Software Update

We are pleased to announce version 5.2 of Readit software is now available with some exciting new features!

Please see the details below on the new features included:

  • Online Update Check can be enabled or disabled in the options section of the software. If enabled it will automatically scan for updates when starting the software and advise of any which are available to download and install.
  • Error reporting can be enabled or disabled in the options section of the software. You can choose to send automatic error reports to facilitate further updates.
  • Improved Scanner Compatibility allows it to work with any scanner that is supported in the Windows store ‘Scan’ application. Supports both flatbed and ADF scanners.
  • Improved Visualisations are between 500 - 2000% faster frame rate than Readit 4.
  • More Responsive Speech Processing starts reading on average 30-60 ms faster when navigating compared to Readit v4 which will benefit those users who regularly need to skip words/sentences.
  • Support for Larger Documents is now built-in with available memory increased to 4GB to manage documents that cover thousands of pages without difficulty.
  • Crop to Document on Import and Capture improves recognition accuracy and performance.
  • Faster Microsoft Word, PDF and Rich Text Format Export
  • Optional Export Format Retention allows the user to select whether the format of a scanned document is represented exactly as the original document to include the typefaces, font sizes and styles, line breaks, table structures, page breaks and page sizes.
  • Support for Evolve Bluetooth Keypad
  • Improved Highlighting and Boundary Rendering now includes dashed lines to indicate where the end of table rows and cells occur in the original text.

If you would like any further information on the Readit software, or to request a free 30 day trial, please contact us on  01775 711 977 or