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CoaSt - with VAT relief

CoaSt Camera fully extended
Product Code: K2270
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An education / business focussed distance camera solution with Windows and iPad support (Mac support to follow).

Weighing in at just 350g, this lightweight device boasts a 4 MP camera with an impressive 10x optical zoom. It comes with an adjustable height stand. It gives business professionals and students unparalleled access to all the content they require.

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Introducing CoaSt, a compact and inconspicuous camera that allows full access to whiteboards or projector screens when connected to a Windows or Mac computer or an Android tablet. Weighing just 350g, this lightweight device boasts a 4 MP camera with an impressive 10x optical zoom. It comes with an adjustable height stand. The camera head pivots and can be locked in any position. There is an option to add full text-to-speech functionality with the speech version.

It gives business professionals and students unparalleled access to all the content they require.

Key features of CoaSt with Readit Lite (Windows, iPad and Mac OS)

Discreet: Smallest, most compact and stylish distance camera system available

Transportable: The lightest optical zoom camera available weighing just 350g (including integrated USB-C cable)

Zoom: Fast, powerful 10x optical zoom (< 3 seconds from minimum to maximum)

Distance: Enables a low vision user to see further than someone with 20:20 vision, meaning they can sit anywhere, next to anyone they like, knowing they will be able to see the whole presentation

Total Magnification: Powerful 8x digital zoom yields 80x total magnification 

Clarity: Double full HD resolution for superb clarity at 30 fps

Digital Panning: No need to move the camera head: Point and zoom it to the area of interest then digitally zoom in and move around on screen with mouse, touch screen or arrow keys. Makes reading significantly faster and more comfortable

Real time video deskew: A unique game-changing feature freeing low vision users from the centre of the room. It allows them to sit at practically any angle to the target and have it straightened as if they were sat directly in the centre of it

Height: Despite an inconspicuous height of just 17cm to the centre of the camera lens at its lowest height, CoaSt is easily extended to 39.5cm (15.6 inches) providing the best vantage point for a clear line of sight to the target

Dual setup: Integrated magnetic fold-out tripod legs enable CoaSt to be set up on any flat surface with excellent stability within seconds. Alternatively, attach the included CoaSt Table Clamp to any desk up to 60mm (2.4 inches) thick, to securely position it even in environments where it could be accidentally knocked. An added benefit is the maximum height to the centre of the camera lens increases to 47cm (18.5 inches) from 39.5cm (15.6 inches) making it even easier to avoid objects or people in the user’s line of sight

High Speed Movement: Full HD resolution at super smooth 60 fps for viewing high speed action

Low light enhancement: See better than the human eye in low light situations

Focus: Fully automatic focus

Manual Focus: Manual focus (via camera buttons) allows the focus to be manually adjusted e.g. when looking inside an object or preventing the board temporarily losing focus when someone walks in front of it

Image Saving: Instantly save images from the camera to view later

Freeze Frame:  Instantly freeze what’s on screen - handy if a slide is about to advance but all the information required hasn’t been noted down

Mirror Mode: Perfect for doing hair / makeup / shaving etc. 

No battery required: No need to worry about charging a separate battery or it wearing out over time

Power efficient: The CoaSt camera itself uses just 1 watt of power, so there’s no need to worry about it flattening laptop or tablet batteries too quickly* (*power usage of Readit Lite and Readit software depends on platform and enabled features but typically uses more power than the CoaSt camera itself)

Rugged: Designed to be set up and packed away multiple times a day. The CoaSt itself is incredibly tough with an integrated lens cover and the stylish zip-up case keeps everything safe during transport

Compatible: Works on any platform as a webcam including: Windows, Mac, iPad, Android, Chromebook and Linux. No special software is required. For advanced features, Readit Lite and Readit are available on Windows, iPad and Mac. Android and Chromebook coming soon! The Readit Lite App is available on the App Store for iPads. Please follow the link to download it for free or type 'Readit Lite' into the search on your iPad App Store.

Unique Features of CoaSt with Speech (full Readit Software)

All the features of CoaSt with Readit Lite, with the addition of all the features of the Readit software, which includes:

  • OCR and TTS: Instant OCR and text-to-speech with the latest human-sounding voices (at both closeup and distance)
  • 6 powerful text views: Original Image (colour enhanced), Overlay, Column, Horizontal, Vertical and Word views make visually reading text in documents far more comfortable, faster and enjoyable. 
  • Smooth:  Up to 360 frames per second when panning and auto-scrolling documents means the text is very sharp and clear even at very high speeds
  • Multi-page capture: High speed multi-page capture with background recognition recognises pages as quickly as they’re captured.
  • Navigation and Text Search: Navigate using the familiar navigation shortcut keys and jump straight to text faster than a sighted user with a book thanks with the powerful Find function. 
  • Multi-language: Supports over 30 languages (included) with automatic language detection and automatic voice switching based on the language. 
  • Document Import: Load PDFs, Word documents, image files etc. directly into Readit for them to be recognised and reformatted in any one of the 6 text views. 
  • Document export: Export any document from Readit to an accessible PDF (with text font and colour enhanced), Word file, txt, rtf, MP3 (to listen to) etc. 
  • Print to Readit: Any software with a File -> Print function can have its document printed directly into Readit within seconds
  • Screenshot OCR: Instantly capture anything on screen and have it read aloud and shown in our chosen text view
  • Copy and Paste: Copy and paste documents into Readit, or copy text within Readit to paste into your text editor using standard shortcut keys

Unique Key Features for CoaSt on Windows with Readit Lite

Extra stability: Video stabilisation makes the image incredibly stable, even at maximum optical zoom with digital zoom applied

Video denoising:  Helps to keep the camera image clear even in low light conditions

Software Zoom and Focus Control: Adjust the CoaSt’s zoom and focus without having to touch it! 

Motion stop: Pauses the image when there is no movement to reduce power consumption

Unique Key Features for CoaSt on iPad / Mac

Video recording: Save a portion of a meeting, lesson or lecture or save every second of everything. Choose to have audio saved to a separate file for easier editing later if required

Expandable: Consider a CoaSt Duo to enable instant switching between magnified close-up and distance targets

Feature Table

CoaSt Duo
CoaSt Duo
Software:Readit LiteReadit Lite
Readit (Speech)
Readit Lite
Readit (Speech)
Platform:WindowsiPad / MacWindowsWindowsiPad / Mac

Video StabilisationYNYYN
Video De-noisingYN (coming soon)YYN
(coming soon)
Real-time Video DeskewingN (coming soon)YN (coming soon)N (coming soon)Y
Video Recording (with audio)N (coming soon)YN (coming soon)N (coming soon)Y
Software Zoom and Focus ControlYNN (coming soon)YN
Motion StopYN (coming soon)YYN (coming soon)
Dual Camera Support (CoaSt and ZEN)N (coming soon)YN (coming soon)N (coming soon)Y
CoaSt Table ClampYYYNN
Closeup document / object / handwriting magnification
CoaSt Duo Pivoting Table ClampNNNYY
10x Optical Zoom (distance)YYYYY
8x Digital ZoomYYYYY
4MP 30fps and 1080P 60 fpsYYYYY
Low Light EnhancementYYYYY

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Resolution & Frame Rate:

1080P 60 fps

4MP 30 fps (default)

Zoom: Optical

10x optical

Zoom: Digital

4x minimum


Further than someone with 20:20 vision

Physical controls:

Zoom In / Zoom Out buttons


Automatic. Manual focus selectable with adjustable focus


Windows, macOS, Android Phone / Tablet (with USB 3.0 connection), iPad
Windows Camera App, Zoom, Teams, Skype etc. Any app that can use a webcam


Via Readit Lite


1 x USB3.0 port (type A). Includes USB A to USB C adapter


None. USB powered - maximum 1.85 watts while zooming

Dimensions: L x W x D:

85 x 50 x 262 mm
3.3 x 2.0 x 10.7 inches

Tripod unfolded: Minimum height:

204 mm / 8 inches

Tripod unfolded: Maximum height:

430 mm / 16.9 inches

Unfolded tripod diameter:

240 mm / 9.4 inches

Typical additional table width required (with 1 tripod leg behind laptop screen):

140 mm
5.5 inches


350g / 0.8 lbs

Desk Clamp Specifications

Maximum height when mounted in Desk Clamp:

500 mm
19.7 inches

Clamp Dimensions: L x W x D
(when clamped to a typical desk):

195 x 70 x 75 mm
7.7 x 2.8 x 3 inches

Maximum desk thickness for clamp:

60mm / 2.4 inches

Castle Clamp Weight:

420g / 0.9 lbs


Transport case

Lens cleaning cloth

USB 3.0 extension cable - 1.8m / 6ft

USB-C to USB-A adapter

Readit Lite software

Software Features


2 colour mode

Auto updates

Focus lock

Image stabilisation

Manual focus adjustment

Overview mode

User presets

Optical / digital zoom selection with digital panning

Touch screen support

Image saving

Video recording