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EnChroma Lx Lens Glasses - with VAT relief

Image of all 4 colour lens variations of EnChroma Lx Lens Glasses

EnChroma Lx Lens Glasses Videos

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Lx Series lens technology manages light and colour with superior glare protection to provide relaxation and comfort for the eye. Blue light blocking and 100% UV absorbing for everyday protection. Designed to support mobility and independence.

With 4 different shades of glare production available, you will be sure to find the solution for you!

Choose your LX lenses by using the chart below based on your needs and glare experiences.

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EnChroma Lx lens technology manages light and colour with superior glare protection to provide relaxation and comfort for the eye. Select the right EnChroma Lx lenses based on your glare challenge and lighting environment. Shop for both an indoor and outdoor pair to bring glare protection wherever you go.

How Do I Get Started?

Use the chart below to select the right lens for you based on your needs and glare experiences.

Glasses with mild glare protection lensesGlasses with moderate glare protection lensesGlasses with strong glare protection lensesGlasses with extreme glare protection lenses
Glare Level ProtectionMildModerateStrongExtreme
Low Light, Night Time, Screen Use
Low Light, Cloudy Days
Bright Sun
Light Transmission80%36%12%3%
Improved Colour & Contrast

Screen Use

100% UV Protection

Blue Light Filtering 

Typical Glare Challenge 

“I‘ve noticed growing but modest glare discomfort.”

“I have eye fatigue from screen glare.”

“Glare through windows makes it increasingly uncomfortable and hard to see.”
“Regular sunglasses are becoming not dark enough to provide comfort.”
“I am so uncomfortable even in the lower light, and the sunshine is unbearable.”

What is EnChroma Lx Lens Technology?

EnChroma Lx is a groundbreaking lens technology that uniquely manages light and colour with ophthalmic-grade optics and 100% UV protection. This innovative lens filter delivers: 

  • Glare Protection & Comfort: Filters out wavelengths of light that cause discomfort from glare to produce a comforting, quiet effect on the eye.
  • Colour: Enhances colour perception for improved functional vision without the undesirable dark lens effect that masks important visual cues.
  • Contrast: Enhanced contrast to highlight details like sidewalks, trees, stairs for mobility, safety and enjoyment.
  • Blue Light Filtering: Eases digital eye strain and reduces glare for visual comfort.

The result? A single solution that provides glare management, contrast improvement and colour boost for improved visual perception and comfort to enable you to enjoy daily life more fully and confidently.

How does EnChroma Lx eyewear provide glare protection that is different than other options on the market?

In the search for protection from painful glare that also masks important vision, people often resort to darker and darker lenses and sunglasses that also mask important visual cues needed for safety or enjoyment such as uneven sidewalks, steps, and changes in path. Based on EnChroma’s colour management and lens expertise, EnChroma Lx Lens Technology blocks specific wavelengths of light that cause discomfort from glare, while managing colour to creatively increase contrast important for visibility, especially in lower light conditions or to protect eyes from bright sunlight. The result is a unique feeling of relaxation, yet surprising vibrancy and perception of edges to support better overall vision.

Why do people with Low Vision and adults 50+ with age-related eye conditions struggle with glare?

As the retina and lens in the eye age, their sensitivities to light, colour and clarity also change. The retina increases in glare sensitivity while colours and contrast become duller and less blue. At the same time the lens may be developing opacities that further cloud clear vision, the most common is a cataract, significant in most people in their 70's.

This increased sensitivity to bright light encourages people to purchase very dark sunglasses. However, the pupil also loses its ability to widen to adapt to lower light conditions as we age and the ability to adapt to changing light later in the day, at dusk and indoors becomes increasingly difficult. As a result, patients often purchase yellow lenses to brighten an otherwise dull world. Yellow lenses, while brightening can also be over dazzling, therefore changing colour and comfort.

Glare obscures and clouds vision and creates discomfort. The challenges can be mild to extreme and can impact the quality of life for simple things like walking, reading, and everyday tasks.

Would I benefit from purchasing two different EnChroma Lx lenses?

Changes in lighting conditions throughout the day can significantly affect glare, eye comfort and subsequently, visual perception. Similar to needing different shoes for different activities, comfort and surface conditions (e.g. running, hiking, water activities), your eyes need different lenses for each of the different lighting conditions, for the ultimate in UV and screen protection, comfort from glare to optimize vision. As a result, the selection of two lenses (e.g. Mild for indoor, screen use and Strong for outdoor sun), may be an ideal combination. 

Can the EnChroma Lx Series lenses be used as sunglasses, even if I am not visually impaired?

The EnChroma strong lens is a logical sunglass lens choice for anyone over 50 years or with moderate to strong glare sensitivity, especially if you are finding that your current sunglasses seem dark enough but you have lost definition, colour and contrast. As a Category 3 lens with 12% visible light transmission, it is dark enough for bright sun but increases colour and contrast, so it does not feel “too dark” for the average person.

If you typically do not prefer “dark sunglasses”, consider the moderate as that versatile lens for a wide variety of glare conditions indoors and out. Moderate is a category 2 lens with 36% visible light transmission.

Strong is an extremely dark lens and will most often be used by people with extreme photophobia and strong glare sensitivity in bright conditions. However, people requiring sunglasses for high altitude and/or highly reflective surfaces like ice and snow during the day, may find relief using the Strong lens. Strong lenses are not for driving and road use. 

Which EnChroma frames are best for low vision and age-related eye conditions?

For maximum glare control, Fitover and wrap-style frames provide important side glare protection from rays that peep around the sides and increase discomfort. EnChroma fitover styles include the Altavista Fitover which can easily fit over prescription glasses. Wrap active styles such as the Monterey also curve or “wrap” around the eye to provide additional protection from peripheral light.  Larger frame styles that fit the eye well can also work outdoors like the aviator shape frame named  Atlas Titanium.

Do EnChroma Lx lenses provide 100% UV protection and blue light blocking?

All EnChroma Lx Lenses block 100% of UVA and UVB radiation from sunlight and are blue light absorbing. 

raiting starraiting starraiting starraiting starraiting star

The lenses are much more pleasant to look through than sunglasses, however for me, in certain bright light situations indoors I do still prefer my sunglasses on occasion.

raiting starraiting starraiting starraiting starraiting star

I have a set of over shields by another popular company and the EnChroma Lx Altavista Fitovers, and to be honest I much prefer the Enchroma ones. They are better on comfort over my existing glasses. My other branded ones seem to have more of a tint rather than a filter, which help to ease the headaches and eye fatigue in the same way the others do. I have also bought cheap antiglare overshields from Amazon and again not had the same results as I find with Enchroma. I appreciate they are more costly, but they are worth the extra money. I do switch between the mild and moderate tint depending on the conditions that I am working in. The lens enable me to keep the colours and light of the environment, and they do not make it darker when the glare is reduced, as this can further complicate the ability to see clearly. I have photosensitivity and glare issues due to my eye condition and these help immensely as they cut down on the headaches and the over simulation of the tear ducts. Everyone is different, but they help me.

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