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EyePal ROL - with VAT relief

DiscontinuedEyePal ROL

By ABiSee

Product Code: K0033
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This product is discontinued the ReadEasy Evolve MAX and ReadEasy Evolve ECO are the closest alternatives.

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The Eye-Pal ROL combines exceptional OCR, light-weight ergonomic design, portability and ease-of-use, making it a revolutionary product. Not only that, it is also battery powered. It is possible for anyone who uses this product to be able to read a book on the sofa, to go through a menu at a restaurant and fill out a form at the doctor's. It is therefore the perfect solution for blind user who wants to maintain their independence and read a multitude of text based materials. It is possible to plug in a pair of headphones right into the front of the device which means that the device can carry on reading to the user despite being in a crowded room.

The lightweight (only 3.5lbs) and compact design of the Eye-Pal ROL make it a very portable and so it can be used anywhere! Combined with the fact that it is a battery powered device - it really can be used at any time or in any place! The tactile controls make it user friendly and the controller wheels located on the front left and right hand side of the device mean that settings can be easily adjusted. The controls are that simple that there is no need for a manual! This reading machine uses scan-to-read technology that reads out loud almost instantaneously. 

Not only is this device a reading machine it is also extremely versatile, for example it can be used as an alarm clock and reminder tool set an alarm to wake you up in the morning or record a reminder for an appointment that you need to go to. It is possible to keep track of your daily schedule uses the Eye-Pal ROL. As it is possible to save books into a library, they can be accessed at any time, but not only this when you go back to reading a book in the library it will begin reading from the point at which you left off last time.

Key Features

  • Energy-saving features including auto-standby to preserve the battery and auto-sleep for the display.
  • Battery powered device with rechargeable battery and/or AC.
  • Tactile buttons and built in thumb wheels make the device as user friendly as possible.
  • Can store JPEG, MP3 and TXT files.
  • Has a range of connection ports including headphone plug, power source and USB port.
  • Can scan A4 and letter size text based materials.
  • Uses two 5 megapixel autofocus camera to ensure the best image in captured - vital for optical character recognition.
  • Takes approximately 3 seconds to start reading text.

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