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GiveVision is using augmented reality and a virtual reality headset to help visually impaired people see better. The latest headset – SightPlus – works as an advanced digital magnifier and a pair of binoculars to help people with visual impairments live more independently.

Using a VR headset enables people to have their hands-free and drastically changes the way they can engage in an activity – imagine if you had to hold a monocular to watch a play for two hours, or hold a magnifier when you are looking for something in a drawer.

It also changes the way people interact with their surroundings as they can capture more visual information by simply adjusting the zoom, contrast or brightness.

The direct outcomes of enabling people to use their remaining sight are a significant reduction in the amount of assistance they would otherwise need, greater quality of life, reduced risk of depression, return to work and return to full inclusion in family life.

The team is now working on next prototypes which will use the same technology as SightPlus but pared down into the size of a more discreet hardware so people with sight impairments don’t feel labelled as disabled.


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