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IBIS FHD Dual including FREE X/Y Table - with VAT relief

DiscontinuedTagarno IBIS FHD Dual
Product Code: K1346
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The IBIS is discontinued, the Helix v2 is the closest alternative.

  • A4 full page viewing
  • Up to 52.4x magnification 
  • Autofocus camera
  • Easy set up - plug and play
  • Lightweight and compact transportable design
  • Optional mobility pack available

This solution requires use of a monitor or TV screen.

FREE X/Y Table (RRP £100) while stocks last! Please add to your basket, for effortless movement of your reading material. 

Accessories and Add-Ons

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The IBIS FHD is an ideal tool for users with low vision for use at home, at work or within an educational environment such as a school or university. 

If you would just like the on-board camera controls, we do stock a unit called the IBIS FHD Special which doesn't come with a separate keypad and only has the controls on the back of the camera.

The IBIS FHD is a portable and stylish solution that is extremely discreet - the device looks very similar to a desk lamp! The device is easy to set up and it only takes a few seconds to start actually using the IBIS HD - it connects to any monitor or screen with a HDMI or DVI connection. Just unfold the camera, plug it into a power socket, connect it to a HD monitor and you are ready to go!

Additionally, this unit comes with built in software, and a USB 3.0 type connector to connect it to any modern computer to view the live image at up to 1920 x 1080p 60hz.

The controls for using this magnification aid are located on the back of the camera head as well as on a separate keypad. The buttons are extremely tactile and so are easy to use for any low vision user.

The IBIS FHD has been designed to magnify text from printed documents such as books, newspapers, magazines, prescriptions, etc. Due to the low magnification that is available, it is possible to see the full page width and height of a page of A4 thus making it easy for uses to navigate magnified pages. As the IBIS FHD uses digital signals all the way from the camera to the monitor, the user will always see a sharp image even at low magnification.

Key Features

  • HD Image
  • Up to 52.4x magnification (when used in conjunction with a 24" FULL HD widescreen screen)
  • Easy to set up - just plug in and it's ready to use
  • Auto focus camera makes this an ideal tool for magnification and also writing text by hand.
  • DVI, HDMI and USB 3.0 outputs are available.
  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • A range of viewing modes available: Full colour, black on white, white on black, yellow on black and black on yellow.
  • Exceptional Full HD image quality which enhances the user experience.
  • It is possible to adjust the white balance with the IBIS FHD.

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Magnification RangeMagnification Range1.7x to 52.4x
(on a 24" FHD Screen)
screen size
Screen Size
Screen not supplied
self viewing
Self Viewing
distance viewing
Distance Viewing
Reading area (At lowest magnification level) Reading Area
(At lowest magnification level)
on-screen reading & writing guides
Reading & Writing Guides
enhanced reading colours
Colour Combinations
reads out loud
Reads Out Loud
freeze frame
Freeze Frame
image storage
Image Storage
touch screen
Touch Screen
external display connections
External Display Connections
HDMI - Output
DVI - Output
pc connectivity
PC Connectivity
Power Type
Power Type
Full HD
Auto focus
60 fps
Weight with battery
2 kg
4.4 lbs
Dimensions folded L x W x H

Dimensions open L x W x H

Footprint W x D
152 x 200 mm
6.0 x 7.9 inches
clearance iconClearance
370 mm
14.6 inches
warrantyWarranty2 years