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Low Vision

Handheld Video Magnifiers

HandyReader magnifying newspaper text
Handheld electronic video magnifiers offer significant advantages over traditional magnifying glasses and are just as simple to use. They allow you to...

Transportable Video Magnifiers

Clover Book magnifying a kenken puzzle
Transportable video magnifiers offer similar functionality to full sized desktop units, with the advantage of being more mobile. Ideal if you have limited...

Desktop Video Magnifiers

Acuity with Speech
Desktop video magnifiers offer the most complete solution in terms of features and their reading / writing comfort. They are easy to use by people of all...

Standalone Reading Machines

ReadEasy Evolve capturing a full newspaper page with audio waves
With the push of a single button, standalone reading machines photograph your reading material and within seconds, begin reading it out loud. These easy-to-use...

Wearable Solutions

Wearable magnifiers and wearable magnifiers with speech offer hands-free magnification making them ideal for practical tasks such as painting, playing...

Computer Monitors

Monitor connected to a desk with a monitor arm
We offer branded computer monitors in a range of sizes from 19 inch up to 55 inch. These monitors can be combined with magnification aids such as the Helix...

Large Print Keyboards

VTKeys 2 keyboard with enlarged letters and a USB downlight
Our enhanced large print keyboards feature high contrast letters and keys in a variety of colour combinations.The printed letters are over 4x larger than...

Computer Reading Machines

ReadIt Air with Mac laptop and keypad
Designed for partially sighted and blind computer users, these portable systems connect to your PC and will both magnify and read documents out loud. They...

Daisy Players & Dictaphones

Evo E10
You can read the latest best sellers, newspapers and magazines with a DAISY audio book player. DAISY is an acronym standing for 'Digital Accessible Information...


TravelBright 3 lighting a crossword
Good lighting can help to make the best use of your vision.By the age of 60 we need approximately 3x more light than in we did in our 20s. If you have...

Mobile Phone & Tablet Software

Synapptic fully accessible mobile phone
Magnify and have your tablet or mobile phone screen read out loud. This software also makes devices extremely simple to use.

Mobility Aids

Sunu band
Take care of yourself whilst on the move with our range of mobility solutions. From devices using haptic feedback to apps that help you find your way around,...

Optical Magnifiers

Mobilux LED Hand-held Magnifier 5x Magnification
Before buying a magnifier it’s important to know the magnification strength you require and what you’ll be using it for.For example, a pocket magnifier...


Optelec Clearview C 24" screen destop magnifier secondhand
We sell a range of secondhand and reconditioned solutions. For more information and current availability please call us on 01775 711977.For complete peace...


Dolphin SuperNova Magnifier on split screen
A range of low vision software to provide access to your PC. Magnify, read the screen out loud and output to your Braille display. All software is available...

TV Accessibility

TV accessibility allows you to navigate and use your TV with ease. Super size all the features of your TV from the comfort of your sofa.


Blaze ez premium options pack, which consists of an OCR stand, charging cradle, extra battery and spare AC adapter.
Accessories for your low vision products, such as handles, stands, protective cases, batteries etc.