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Mercury 10 - with VAT relief

trysight Mercury 10 shown with carry case
Product Code: K0195
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  • Android tablet computer magnifier with speech 
  • The Mercury tablet can be unlocked allowing it to be used with other Android apps (internet, emails etc.) 
  • Full page OCR 
  • Supports 16+ languages 
  • Foldable lightweight stand
  • Articulated arm & felt carry cases included 
  • Distance viewing
  • Speech output with multiple natural sounding voices  
  • Options: Bluetooth speaker


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Who would benefit from using Mercury?

Mercury will suit all age ranges from students to older people. Its portability and battery operation means that it can be used when travelling but looks equally at home on any desktop or coffee table seamlessly combining magnification and speech. The touch screen is easy to use, speaking out the different icons when touched.

The Magnifier

Mercury will magnify anything put under the camera from 1x to 40x depending on the size of the tablet being used. A simple open pinch action on the screen increases the size and a closed pinch action reduces the magnification. By tapping the screen with three fingers the foreground and background can be changed to suit your viewing preferences. Mercury is ideal for reading and writing as well as small fiddly jobs like cutting finger nails.

Distance viewing

When the tablet is tilted vertically the camera will face  towards the object you want to look at, whether it is a board at the front of a classroom or a bird table outside a window.

The image is clear and no external cameras are required. This is important as it significantly conserves battery life. The joint on the back of the tablet clamp gives easy manoeuvrability to pan around.

Text-to-speech mode

Mercury reads out letters, magazines & newspapers accurately and within a few seconds. Columns and text blocks are recognized, put in order then read out normally. An anti-skew correction feature aligns the text into easy to read straight lines if the paper is at an angle. All the text recognition is processed within the device, there is no need for Mercury to be connected to the internet and all speech is in clear English accents in a male or female voice. Scanned documents can be saved for future reference and pictures are always ignored. Mercury can also scan in different languages (available on request).

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Product Weight    0.518kg (1.14 lbs.)

Product Width    15.4cm (6.06 inches)

Product Depth    25.3cm (9.96 inches)

Product Height    0.7cm (0.28 inches)

Freeze Frame    Yes

Distance Viewing    Yes

Auto-focus    Yes

Speed of Reading    Low, Medium, High

Speech Volume    Low, Medium, High

Menu Text Size    Small, Medium, Large

Menu Text Colour    White, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow

Text Colour While Reading    White, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow

Background Colour While Reading    White, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow

OCR Languages (on request)    English, German, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Spainish, Finish, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Greek, Czech, Slovakian