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ONYX OCR - with VAT relief

Product Code: K0348
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  • 4-in-1 Magnifier with Audio, Text-to-Speech
  • 24-inch full colour TFT widescreen
  • Read what you want, where you want - the High Definition camera rotates in all three directions.
  • Tactile, easy-to-see controls
  • Keep your place easily with the adjustable Reading Lines, Masks, and Shade
  • Automatically remembers your last working settings in every view
  • Quickly zoom out to easily find your place and zoom back in using the Find feature
  • Focus Lock to keep the camera focused on the paper while writing
  • Fast OCR camera (13 megapixels) which automatically recognises columns
  • Capture an entire A4 page and enjoy Full Page Overview
  • Easy touchscreen controls for play, pause, reading speed, volume and zoom
  • High contrast viewing: select your preferred text and background semi-colours
  • Choose from 31 reading languages, and 60 voices/accents
  • Point & Read: intuitive touchscreen interface - touch a column, paragraph or word on-screen to read instantly
  • Navigate quickly with automatic text zone recognition
  • Swipe your finger to scroll through magnified text and photographs

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The ONYX® OCR is the ultimate, transportable low vision solution, designed for reading, writing and everyday practical activities.

Combining powerful magnification (up to 131 times) and audio playback, this 4-in-1, self-contained solution integrates a 24-inch widescreen and two separate cameras: one for transforming text to speech output and one for magnifying documents and observing the room around you. This way, you can clearly see what you want, whether it is across the room or at your desk.

Imagine reading from a newspaper, completing a crossword or viewing family photographs at a more comfortable size. With the ONYX® OCR, you can! Simply point the flexible camera towards the desktop and enlarge everyday items on-screen in superior High Definition. With plenty of space beneath the camera, reading, writing and everyday practical activities become easier. Additionally, reposition the flexible camera and point in any direction - focus on the whiteboard in a classroom or towards yourself to check you appearance.

Read long documents with Audio, Text-to-Speech Playback

If reading becomes too tiring, simply activate the Speech functionality, and enjoy audio playback of printed documents as they are read aloud.

Instantly convert any printed document into speech. Simply place the page of a magazine or a letter beneath the fixed OCR camera (positioned on the left), swipe the screen to activate the speech feature and enjoy listening in a natural sounding voice of your choice. You can comfortably access information instantly - even lengthy documents, without straining your eyes.

Point directly at columns or words with Point & Read

Quickly scroll through enlarged documents, by swiping your finger on the touchscreen. Then tap a paragraph, column or word to activate the speech function and enjoy listening to printed letters, books and lengthy magazine articles in an instant. It is that easy.

See the whole page and navigate quickly

Displays full pages and automatically identifies the document layout. Touch the screen to switch between Full Page Overview and quickly navigate to sections that you wish to read from, without losing track of where you are.

Store your documents and view your favourite photos

Benefit from the convenience of archiving letters and books, or viewing digital photos using an SD memory card or USB pen drive - and access them at your convenience.


  • Four-in-one video magnifier with two separate cameras for distance, document, self view and OCR functionality
  • Flexible camera to observe objects across the rooms or auditoriums in sharp focus (distance view), to magnify documents such as reading materials, daily business tasks, classroom assignments, product labels and craft projects (document view), and to get magnified true mirror image (self view)
  • Convenient fixed position OCR camera to listen to documents effortlessly – Always place the document in the same place
  • Touch screen monitor: Tap the screen to begin reading at any point and from any place in the document
  • Displays full pages and automatically identifies the document layout


  • Autofocus HD camera
  • OCR camera – 13 Megapixels
  • Magnification Range: 24-inch monitor: 1.7x to 131x
  • 24-inch full colour TFT widescreen display
  • Point & Read functionality: intuitive touch interface
  • Overview: full letter page viewing
  • Assistive reading with automatic text zone recognition
  • Fast text recognition (OCR)
  • Over 60 reading voices in 31 languages
  • Saving and opening documents on a SD card or USB stick
  • Large icon and large font menu
  • Volume control
  • Speed control
  • Digital photo viewer

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  • Built-in stereo speakers
  • SD card slot
  • USB port
  • Headphone connector
  • Weight: 24-inch – 25.8 lbs / 11.7 kg
  • Working height under camera: 16.4 inches / 41.6 cm
  • Screen Size (diagonal) 61cm
  • Weight 12kg
  • Magnification 1.7-131x

Colour/Semi-Colour Modes:

  • True Full Colour*
  • High Contrast Full Colour*
  • Grayscale*
  • White text on Black background / Black on White
  • White on Blue / Blue on White
  • White on Red / Red on White*
  • White on Green / Green on White*
  • White on Violet / Violet on White*
  • White on Amber / Amber on White*
  • Yellow on Black / Black on Yellow
  • Yellow on Blue / Blue on Yellow
  • Yellow on Green / Green on Yellow*
  • Black on Red / Red on Black
  • Black on Green / Green on Black
  • Black on Amber / Amber on Black
  • Black on Orange / Orange on Black*
  • Black on Blue / Blue on Black*
  • Black on Violet / Violet on Black*
  • Black on Purple / Purple on Black**

* Colour options only available when reading using Live Magnification feature
** Colour options only available when reading using Audio, Text-to-Speech Playback feature