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Prisma - with VAT relief

DiscontinuedPrisma with a document on the base and camera arm above
Product Code: K0088
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This product is discontinued, the Helix HD and IBIS Full HD Special are the closest alternatives.  

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The Prisma is a full colour video magnifier with a stylish, adjustable camera stand and integrated table that allows a range of magnification in a convenient size. The simple controls allow you to view in full colour or enhanced reading modes such as white on black. Magnification is achieved by moving the camera up and down and then refocusing the camera with the large focus control located on the top of the unit. This device connects to a standard TV for its display and allows you to view text in enhanced reading modes or view photographs in full colour.

Due to the compact nature of the Prisma it is possible to easily move it to different locations so you can take it anywhere to read or work - it is also very easy to store this device so it is out of the way when not in use. There is a large amount of clearance space under the camera which enables the users to use this device to carry out a range of tasks such as needlework or writing.. The aluminium extrusions used in its construction lend Prisma a stylish appearance and a weight of less than 1kg.

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Key Features

  • Magnification: 15inch screen: 3x - 30x.
  • Viewing Modes include full colour, enhanced black on white and enhanced white on black.
  • LightWeight device: 1.2 kg (2lb 10oz)
  • Compact unit size: 240 x 410 mm (9 x 16 inches)
  • Display reguired: Standard PAL or NTSC Television with composite video input.
  • It is possible to connect the Prisma to a computer monitor using the iQon PC adapter supplied by Ash Technologies.