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Prisma HD - with VAT relief

DiscontinuedPrisma HD attached to a monitor, magnifying a flower onto the screen.
Product Code: K0091
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This product is discontinued, the Helix HD and IBIS Full HD Special are the closest alternatives. 

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The Prisma HD builds on the design and specification of the Prisma range and thus enhancing the user experience. This device uses high definition to ensure clear and crisp images at any level of magnification. All a user needs to do is connect this low vision aid to a domestic HD television and then they will be seeing their images in vibrant HD quality. With its high zoom level from 2.5x to 100x magnification on a 32” screen and it’s simple to operate features and viewing modes – this is the ideal tool for anyone with affected by eye conditions such as Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Cataracts and Diabetic Retinopathy to name a few. By using this device it will be possible for the user to be able to regain their independence when it comes to reading documents as well as writing. It will also enable them to continue with hobbies such as needle work and crossword puzzles.

With the high definition and autofocus camera it is possible to magnify text to high level and then continue reading for long periods of time before the eyes begin to feel even remotely tired – the clear and crisp image ensures this. The fact that this device is lightweight means that it is extremely portable and so can be used in the most appropriate position for the user. It is also discreet in style and so will blend into surrounding quite easily.

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Key Features

  • High definition 720p image resolution.
  • Connect to any size HDMI TV screen.
  • Magnifications levels from 2.5x to 100x on a 32” TV.
  • Function button features: overview mode, freeze image, vieiwng modes and auto focus/brightness adjustment.
  • Small and compact, ultra lightweight unit at 1.3kg (3 pounds).
  • Small footprint - takes up a small desk space, so blends into surroundings.
  • Easy to fold and store - folds in a compact size, making transportation easy.
  • Crystal clear image in enhanced modes at low magnifications.
  • Adjustable LED illumination ensuring enhanced user experience.
  • Adjustable camera height to increase depth of field.