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UFO (Universal Finder One) - with VAT relief

Product Code: K1396
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This product has been discontinued.

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A small device connected to your smartphone that allows you to find people, create playground areas, identify places and for the first time, create solutions tailored to your own needs in 3 clicks.

Put a UFO on a person, a valuable object or on your pet and stay relaxed. If it gets too far away, your phone it will notify you immediately, while UFO will emit a sound so you can identify where it is.

Dare to take control!


Family Care: You can relax wherever you want with your little child, put a UFO in his pocket and it will beep if they go too far from you. You can also find valuable objects. Set your UFO to keep safe those you love the most.

Actual use examples:

I want to go to the park and play with my son and daughter. Now I know where are each of them is at all times.

Even if one or both of them are going too far away, I will know immediately from my smartphone, and simultaneously with a sound coming from their exact position.

Take Control: For the first time you are the protagonist. In addition to the features that UFO offers you, you can generate your own ones, tailored to your specific needs in 3 clicks. 

Dare to take control!

  • You can make the UFO beeps, when you approach it.
  • You can link UFO to a website.
  • You can also program your Smartphone to warn you when you approach UFO.
  • … and more options to chose from.

Actual use examples:

I’m enjoying a few days in a country hotel, it is very nice and they’re very dynamic on their website, but some places are a bit difficult to find.

Now, the way to the swimming pool, the lift or the restaurant is very simple; I′ve placed my own UFO’s anywhere I wanted, and as I approach the area I’m looking for, the selected UFO emits a sound from its position.

I also adjusted the UFO I placed in the restaurant, it now displays the daily menu on my smartphone when I approach the door. They change it every day! I can just concentrate on enjoying my stay.

Actual use examples at work:

The offices of my new job have a somewhat confusing layout, I have placed UFOs in the corners of the corridors to show me the office’s path. The UFOs sound consecutively; the ones closest to my office, with lowest tones, so that I recognise the direction I need to go in and where I currently am.

Actual use examples in sports:

I like to play football with my brother. Every afternoon I create the goals with my 2 UFOs. In just 1 minute I have already made a football pitch at school or in our garden. I make each UFO sound differently, and so I can differentiate my goal with my brother’s. Both UFOs are ringing at non-annoying intervals and intensity while we play. We keep the match agile and fun.

Why UFO?

Each person has their own needs and different preferences. To fully address them, they only need the right tools, the rest depends on each of them.

This conviction has led them to create a set of applications, each of which provides several functionalities to your UFO for daily life, sport or leisure.

UFO is ready to give you answers that only you want. For the first time, create your solutions in 3 clicks, which will adapt the device to your own lifestyle.

Dare to take control!

More information:

  • It is rechargeable. You will never need to replace the batteries.
  • In any of its functionalities, you can make your UFO beeps, how and when you want.
  • Select the UFO perfect settings only once, and enjoy it without limitations.
  • Change the settings as often as you want.
  • You can use only one or several UFOs for all features. UFO knows what to do with each application.
  • You can customise it for your personal use, or for the whole family.
  • You decide with a click!

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