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VoxiVision - with VAT relief

VoxiVision Capturing a magazine page
Product Code: K2078
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VoxiVision is a standalone portable text-to-speech reading machine and handheld video magnifier, plus so much more!

This small and easy-to-use device can be used anywhere and can read all text including handwriting. It captures and reads up to A4-sized documents. It can be controlled via tactile buttons, voice controls, or hand gestures.

  • Fast and accurate offline OCR
  • Handwriting recognition (Wi-Fi connection required)
  • 6.6 inch handheld video magnifier
  • Included fold-up stand with positioning guide
  • Barcode recognition offline with over 70,000 products including medications
  • Ability to add a voice tag with extra information/instructions
  • 3 tactile positions on the touch screen for navigating the menus/options by touch
  • Lightweight - just 189 grams.
  • Translate between languages (Wi-Fi connection required)
  • Bluetooth button to activate voice commands
  • Additional QR stickers available

Accessories and Add-Ons

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VoxiVision is a standalone portable text-to-speech reading machine, a handheld video magnifier plus so much more!

This easy-to-use device requires no internet connection and due to its small size can be used anywhere! Read anything letters, books, handwriting, street signs and information from screens!

Use it on its own or place it in the stand for it to become a standalone reader, able to capture and read documents up to A4 in size, controlled via tactile buttons, voice controls and hand gestures the VoxiVision is an easy to use device for both blind and visually impaired users.

Other features of the VoxiVision include a dictaphone, barcode and label reader, banknote detector.

Text To Speech Reading Machine

The VoxiVision when placed in its stand becomes a standalone reading machine, the included Bluetooth button can be used to activate voice recognition when the VoxiVision is placed in its stand to enable vocal control.

With Autoplay automatic reading you simply place your document under the VoxiVision, it has a handy positioning guide to ensure the document is positioned correctly to capture your whole A4 document.

The VoxiVision is able to detect when your hands are over the document and will only capture when your hands have been removed from the camera view, once the document has been captured it will then be read back to you automatically.

When your document is being read you can use simple voice commands or hand gestures to navigate, these gestures allow you to pause, replay the last sentence or save.

When using the VoxiVision in your hand you use the buttons on the touchscreen to navigate, these are easily identifiable by the tactile finger guides at the very bottom of the screen. With these 3 buttons, you can use all of the functions of your VoxiVision.

The VoxiVision has fantastic quality text recognition and is able to read information from many types of document, whether is it printed, handwritten or on a screen.

You can capture multiple-page documents save and store them, these can be transferred to your computer too.

With advanced options you can translate documents, extract numbers, email addresses, postal addresses etc and you can even have the VoxiViison spell words out for you.

The VoxiVision functions can be modelled to suit the user, you can have access to every function available or simplify it to the point that it can only be used as an automatic reader depending on the users preference and desired requirements.

Language Availability

Languages Supported Offline (including handwriting)Translator LanguagesLanguages Requiring Internet Connection
Norwegian (Bokmal)Spanish


Handheld Magnifier

With an impressive 6.6 inch screen and large magnification range of up to x25 and a smooth continuous zoom, you can use your VoxiVision as a portable handheld electronic magnifier for both close viewing and distance magnification. Information viewed can be captured and stored for viewing later, any text documents can also be converted into speech from the image gallery. 

When you have captured an image you can enlarge this on the screen and also pan around the image using your finger on the screen.

The VoxiVision also has a selection of different colour enhancements to choose from and will remember your last used colour mode.

Barcode Reader 

The VoxiVision has yet another useful feature! Barcode reader is able to identify over 70,000 products these include; food items, medicines, hygiene and beauty products as well as books! You also have the ability to add unrecognised barcodes. 

With the fantastic voice note feature, you can also add notes and instructions too, for example, you can add instructions for your prescription medicines to ensure you are taking them correctly as well as information about expiry dates on food products! Voice notes can be embedded so your notes and remarks are saved for subsequent scans of the same barcode.

The barcode reader can be used while the VoxiVision is in your hand or placed in its stand.

Talking Tag Reader/Recorder

VoxiVision is supplied with 50 reusable tags (additional tags can be purchased), the talking tags are resistant to humidity and cold (if used in the fridge or freezer to identify frozen foods for example) you can record information for a maximum of 1 minute per tag.


The VoxiVision has a simple and easy-to-use voice recorder, that will allow you to record up to 90 minutes per recording!

Banknote Detector

The banknote detector can identify Pounds Sterling, Euros, Dollar US, Canadian Dollar, Franc suisse, Swedish Krona and Danish Krone.

The last selected currency is kept in memory for future uses.


  • Fast and accurate offline OCR
  • Smart extraction of information from documents
  • Included fold-up stand with positioning guide
  • Fast barcode recognition offline with over 70,000 products
    • Add a voice tag with extra information/instructions
  • 3 tactile positions on the touch screen for navigating the menus/options by touch
  • Fully portable - it is a mobile phone*
  • Easy-to-use dictaphone function
  • Long battery life and standby
  • Handheld video magnifier
  • When connected to Wi-Fi:
    • OCR is even more accurate for printed material
    • Handwriting recognition is remarkably accurate (including joined-up handwriting)
    • Users can translate their documents into many different languages

What's Included?

  • VoxiVision with a protective case
  • Foldable stand 
  • Transport case
  • Wrist lanyard
  • USB C charging cable
  • UK plug
  • VoxiVision button
  • 50x QR codes
  • Manual

*The VoxiVision is not able to be used as a fully functioning mobile phone.

raiting starraiting starraiting starraiting starraiting star

I’ve been using the VoxiVision for a few days now and I absolutely love it. It is by far the best reading machine I’ve ever used and the “smart extraction” feature for addresses, phone numbers etc, is an absolutely fantastic addition and really does set it apart from any other device like it. I also love the barcode and voice recorder and how easy it is to rename your files just by using your voice. Even the bank note reader works far better than any other similar device I’ve used in the past. The hand gestures are also brilliant and I never use them with other products, but I do with the VoxiVision along with all of the voice commands and I also use the Bluetooth button for convenience. I think it’s the convenience of the stand and how it turns the reader and barcode scanner into automatic mode that really does make a difference.

raiting starraiting starraiting starraiting starraiting star

I really like that it’s a reading machine and magnifier in one It looks like a phone so not too obvious. Reading machine is really clear and accurate too and very fast My only negative is i am having difficulty navigating I thought you could use the buttons for anything but I find I have to use voice command when wanting to go back, home or settings which Is a little frustrating when in public or working in the office VisionAid's Reply Thank you for your review, Claire. I wanted to provide some assistance for you with regard to the navigation of the VoxiVision to go back, please see the below: You are able to return to the previous screen by quick tapping with two fingers on the screen. This will eventually return you to the homescreen and then you can use the bottom buttons to navigate up and down through the main menu options if you wish. I hope this helps, but please do get in touch with our support team on 0800 002 5555 option 3, if you need any additional help or support.

raiting starraiting starraiting starraiting starraiting star

Large buttons - easy for us old folk to use

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Technical characteristics :

  • Screen: 6.55 inches, AMOLED, 2400x1080px / Corning® Gorilla® Glass 6
  • OCR: Column reading, language detection, sentence navigation, word spelling
  • Accessibility: Contrast, text size, text spacing
  • Text-to-speech: 4 high quality voices (3 female + 1 male). Choice of reading speed. Ability to disable it for visual use only.
  • Languages detected: French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai
  • Screen orientation: portrait / landscape.
  • Backup: text, image, multi-page mode
  • Personalization: choice of menus on the home screen, choice of magnifying glass filters, etc.
  • USB-C rechargeable
  • Wi-Fi: Connection via QRCode (optional function)
  • Bluetooth: Possibility to connect audio devices (headset, speaker)
  • Battery and autonomy: 4,250 mAh


  • VoxiVision alone: 160.5 x 75.7 x 6.8mm
  • Stand open: 300×132.5×239 mm
  • Support closed: 300×132.5×46 mm

Weight :

  • VoxiVision alone: 189 g
  • VoxiVision with stand: 1 kg