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BlindShell Classic - Software Update

Last week the update version 4.11.2 was launched for the BlindShell Classic.

The updates include:

  • Telegram login fixed
  • Various bug fixes in Voice Assistant,  E-mail, Browser, Book reader, Messages, Contacts, Camera, Recorder, Alarm, Music player and Settings. 

To install the update please ensure your phone is connected to the internet.

Press the left or right-hand keys on the centre button and navigate to Settings. Select Settings and then navigate to BlindShell update. Click the centre button and the screen will display check for updates. Press the centre button again and it will search and advise of any updates.

To install press left to navigate to download now and press the centre button.

The download will start automatically and will vocally announce how it is progressing. Once it is completed press the left-hand side of the centre button to reach Install update. Click the centre button and the update will install. Your phone will announce the installation progress.

Once it has completed installing your phone will automatically restart. After the restart your phone is ready to use.