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VAT Relief

Many items on our website are available for VAT relief. You may be eligible to claim VAT relief if you, or the person for whom you are purchasing, are visually impaired, blind, have another disability, or if you are buying on behalf of a charity. 

Items that are not exempt from VAT relief include items such as:

  • Lighting 
  • Monitors
  • Ergonomic equipment
  • Accessories

Items on our website include details about if they are VAT exempt on their individual product pages next to the product name.

You can claim VAT relief when purchasing from our website; you will just need to complete the self-declaration form in the checkout process. VAT will then automatically be deducted from the order total.

Please note that a small amount of VAT may remain on your order even if you have claimed VAT relief. This is related to delivery charges (if they apply) on which we are not permitted to remove tax.

If you wish to place an order via the phone, you can still claim VAT relief. A simple self-declaration form will be sent to you to complete, sign and return. Please call our Customer Care Team on 0800 002 5555 who will be more than happy to assist.

If you need general advice or have any queries regarding VAT relief entitlement, you can check the HM Customs and Excise, Notice 701/7, VAT Relief for Disabled People where you will be able to find out more information. 

If you are purchasing on behalf of a company, any applied VAT Exemption will not be not valid. More details are available on the website. If you are in any doubt, please give us a call.

Please note that VAT exemption eligibility does not cover those who are frail or elderly but otherwise able-bodied. Nor does it cover any person who is temporarily disabled or incapacitated. The product must be supplied for the personal or domestic use of a visually impaired or disabled person to qualify for VAT relief. 

It is an offence to make a false declaration.

Please remember:

  • We do not decide if an item is or is not VAT exempt and we do not make more or less money accordingly
  • The details you provide are private and strictly confidential. They can only be viewed on our private company network and will be made securely available to HMRC, should they request them
  • If you do not complete the VAT exemption form or you are not eligible for VAT relief then we are obliged to charge you the full VAT amount on your whole order.