VELA develops chairs for people to be able to maintain a high level of activity and self-reliance

Through collaboration with therapists and eighty years of expertise in ergonomics, VELA offers a wide selection of ergonomic chairs that supports activity throughout the day. VELA offers chairs for kids, young people, adults and elderly people with disabilities. We also offer basic chairs and stools for caregivers, therapists and assistants. Through ergonomics, the VELA chair contributes to independency, activity, better work environment as well as comfort and safety for people with disabilities, their assistants and therapists.

Chairs from VELA contributes to an easier day for people with disabilities. VELA offers ergonomic chairs, fitted for, e.g., specific work tasks, functions and for people with special needs. The chairs are easy to adjust and the ergonomic designs of e.g. seat, backrest, armrests and various accessories contributes to a safe and healthy work position.

VELA offers a great amount of accessories, to be able to adjust the chair for the specific user or employee

  • Special seats, backrest, body support and neck rest contributes to an ergonomic sitting posture that supports activity
  • Covers for seat and back are preferable if a chair has multiple users or if users have hygiene problems
  • Armrests support arms, wrists and hands and ensure comfort. Armrests also provides safety for people with poor balance or less strength in legs, when getting in and out of the chair
  • Foot rest, leg rest and leg support is an advantage when the seat is up high, e.g. in kitchen, at the workplace or when moving a person in the chair
  • Push handle eases the helper, e.g. when moving a person in the chair
  • Special handles for adjusting the chair, e.g. for people with arthritis

VELA is a Danish family-owned company founded in 1935 by Vermund Larsen. VELA has its head office in Aalborg and its own R&D department as well as production, upholstery workshop, sales and marketing departments.

Chairs built with care and precision
VELA's R&D department is focused on optimising safety, functionality and design in collaboration with our therapists, who always ensure ergonomic comfort for the users. We take a high level of wear and tear into consideration, when making our chairs.

VELA always uses quality materials, e.g. durable mechanical parts. VELA upholster the chairs with fabrics that are long term wear-resistant, so the chairs will look nice and be serviceable for many years.

All VELA chairs are manufactured in Denmark. For this reason we offer the fastest delivery times on the market. We do not manufacture the chair until it has been ordered, which always allows customisations.