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AAC Devices

the proxtalker in its case you can see some tags on the velcro page inside the case there is an image of a girl, two people sharing, some dice and the speak all button on the proxtalker it is reading the sentence, the sentence is shown in a speech bubble and reads: Katy's turn to roll the dice
AAC devices are augmentative alternative communication systems that allow a person to communicate with those around them without speaking. People of all...

Anti Blue Light Protection

Image of Ocusheild range of Anti Blue Light Protection products
Protect your eyes from harmful blue light with our selection of anti blue light protection.Blue light protectors block out any harmful blue light before...

Colour Blindness Solutions

image of two pairs of EnChroma glasses the pair on the left have a colour splash of blue, green, yellow and orange under them, the pair on the right have a colour splash of purple, pink, red and orange under them
Colour Blindness Solutions mainly consist of glasses to increase the contrast between the colour signals, alleviating symptoms of colour blindness for...

Vision Loss Simulation Systems

Allows sighted users to experience different visual loss conditions, helping them to better understand challenges presented with vision loss.