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NuEyes Pro 3 Has Arrived In The UK!

The all-new NuEyes Pro 3 - A fantastic new glasses design, incorporating digital magnification and enabling those with a visual impairment to once again be able to do the things they love.

It has dual 4K displays providing fantastic clarity and a 52-degree field of view.

Magnifies anything you look at; watch live sporting events, TV and cinema, see faces of friends and family, read, cook and craft plus so much more!

An all-new lighter style headset with a modern, stylish and sleek design. The NuEyes Pro 3 is tethered to a Samsung S20 FE mobile phone which is used to control the functions of the software and also powers the headset. The Samsung S20 FE is not locked solely for use of the NuEyes software, it is in fact a fully functioning mobile phone that you can use! 

With the OCR feature, you can listen to text being read aloud. The text is also shown on the screens within the headset, enabling you to follow along as it's being read, you can also increase the size of the text using the magnification buttons.

For more information, please follow the NuEyes Pro 3 link or call us on 01775 711 977.