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What makes the OrCam Read Extra Special; a brand new reading solution from OrCam

From the creators of the popular OrCam wearable reading devices (MyEye 2 and MyReader 2), comes the world’s first handheld full-page reading device.

We’ve been testing the device for the last couple of weeks in our VisionAid houses and we want to share with you some of the features that we think make it extra special!

All Other Reading Devices Read Line By Line…

You may have heard of other reading pens like the C-Pen. They are great to use for short amounts of text but did you know that they can only read text line by line? As OrCam highlight, 'You have to hold the pen and manually move it over the text from left to right to scan each word in the sentence. This can cause a reader to lose context, as words are read slowly and sentences are read in fragments'.

In contrast, the OrCam Read can scan an entire page of text at the click of a button. This sophisticated reading device reads back the text to you instantaneously, with no pause or delay and therefore you don't lose any comprehension. OrCam Read pointed at a cake box recipe. There is a laser outline around the text area being captured.
It Is Light and Completely Wireless...

While other portable reading devices may require a USB connection or some sort of wire, OrCam Read is handheld, wireless, and lightweight. Weighing under 50 grams, the OrCam Read is easy to take with you wherever you go – from the library to the train to the office and everywhere in between. It can be used in low-light environments such as in a dimly lit restaurant to read your menu.

It Requires No Internet Connection

The OrCam Read does not require an internet connection, so you can use it wherever you are.

OrCam Read just showing out of the pocket of a students' rucksack
It Can Read From Any Printed Surface Or Digital Screen

This means you can enjoy your morning paper again, read any book, and even read information that appears on your computer, TV, or smartphone screen. You can also read menus, signs, product labels and screens when out and about. OrCam Read reading Netflix screen about The CrownSo, Who’s It For?

OrCam Read is really useful for anyone who is visually impaired, blind, has dyslexia or any other reading difficulties. Its small size makes it ideal for use at work, school, home and for leisure. 

In Summary, OrCam Read

·    Is a handheld device, not much bigger than a highlighter pen, with a smart camera that captures text from any printed surface or digital screen and reads it out loud

·    Can be paired with OrCam’s Bluetooth earphones (other Bluetooth headphones are also compatible) for complete privacy

·    Allows you to work more efficiently

For more information or to book a free no obligation online demonstration, complete this form or call us on 01775 711977.