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OrCam Learn ATW - with VAT relief

OrCam Learn ATW

OrCam Learn ATW Videos

By OrCam

Product Code: K2171
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OrCam Learn ATW has been developed to support employees with learning challenges such as dyslexia or reading fatigue in the workplace.

OrCam Learn ATW is a wireless lightweight, pen-sized reading device with an intuitive point-and-click operation.

This revolutionary device is only available via Access to Work (ATW)

  • Converts any printed text into clear speech within a second
  • Simple to use with just 4 tactile controls
  • Captures up to a full A4 page instantly

Optional OrCam Stand

VisionAid is proud to be OrCam's chosen partner for OrCam Learn ATW.

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OrCam Learn ATW is the newest addition to the OrCam range. It has been developed to support employees with learning challenges such as dyslexia, autism, ADHD, processing difficulties and those with reading fatigue in the workplace. It is only available via Access to Work (ATW)

OrCam Learn is a revolutionary tool for the workplace, that empowers employees with learning challenges to read any printed text from any surface, offline.

Use the OrCam Learn in any environment, including low-light, and without any internet connectivity. The device can be easily used to read all kinds of printed or digital text.

Simple to use, with just a simple touch of a button information is read aloud via the device’s internal speaker or can be connected to a wireless speaker. If more discretion is required for example; reading sensitive and/or private information, the OrCam Learn ATW can be used with wireless or wired headphones for complete privacy.

Spot-read single words of interest as well as read a whole A4 page of information. With the added ability to also increase the length of time between each spoken word, the OrCam Learn can adapt to the employees' individual needs so they can listen to information at their chosen reading pace.

  • Spot reading - Locate the red arrow just below the text you want to read, the OrCam Learn will then read this word to you.
  • Area - A landscape red rectangle allows users to accurately frame an area of text to read, the OrCam Learn can capture a whole A4 document, to do this simply rotate your document 90 degrees to landscape or turn your OrCam Learn 90 degrees in your hand, the Area box will now be able to capture the whole A4 page.

The OrCam Learn ATW does not have the ability to save, store or transmit information and data so you can be assured that the device is fully GDPR and data protection compliant for use within the workplace. 

  • The lightest most portable reading device in the world
  • Converts any printed text into clear speech within a second
  • Simple to use with just 4 tactile controls
  • Read by pointing the OrCam Learn towards any text and pressing a button
  • Unique laser targeting indicator
  • Adjust your settings via vocal commands
  • Access to OrCam Learn tutorial videos via the OrCam Learn App

What is ATW?

Access to Work (ATW) is a government-funded scheme run by Job Centre Plus and may provide a grant for unique solutions to support visually impaired or dyslexic employees in the workplace.

An Access to Work grant can pay for practical support to help you:

✔ Start working

✔ Stay in work

✔ Move into self-employment or start a business

How much you get depends on your circumstances. The money does not have to be paid back and will not affect your other benefits.

How can OrCam Learn ATW help me?

Access to Work can help pay for support you may need because of your disability or long term health condition.

Receive OrCam Learn ATW as an aid in your workplace:

✔ Read documents with ease: Use OrCam Learn ATW to read documents, reports or memos aloud and easily understand written material.

✔ Access digital information: OrCam Learn can be used to read text displayed on a computer or phone screen, creating quick access to emails, websites and more.

✔ Work at your own pace: While OrCam Learn ATW reads your text aloud, you can control the reading speed and have the option to take notes while listening to the information.

Who is Eligible?

To receive support from Access to Work you must have a disability or health condition that means you need an aid, adaptation or financial or human support to do a job.

You can apply for Access to Work if you:

  • Are normally resident in, and working in, Great Britain
  • Have a disability or long term health condition that means you need an aid, adaptation or financial or human support to do your job (long term means lasting or likely to last for at least 12 months)
  • Have a mental health condition and need support in work
  • Are aged 16 or over

To find out how to claim Access To Work funding please click here: How To Claim ATW Funding

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  • Integrated 3.5mm headphone jack 
  • Integrated rechargeable battery with 4 hour battery life and LED battery indicator (700 mAh, 3.8VDC)
  • Weighs just 50 grams (1.8 oz)
  • Dimensions 123 x 27 x 19mm
  • USB-C charging port
  • No internet connection required - works anywhere
  • Built-in LED automatically provides the correct illumination in more challenging lighting conditions such as restaurants
  • Connects to Bluetooth headphones for privacy & increased volume
  • Able to read font size 4pt and up

Key Differences of the OrCam Learn ATW vs OrCam Read Smart 

OrCam Learn ATWOrCam Read Smart
VoicesChoice of 3: Malcolm, Amy and EmmaChoice of 2: Brian and Amy
CursorSpot reading mode: can read a single word of your choosingUsed to start reading from a particular point in the text
Reading gapFully adjustable gap between words being spoken (standard, medium and long)No
Smart ReadingNot availableYes, fully interactive Smart Reading
PriceATW funded onlyPrice available on our website - OrCam Read Smart